Metal Materials and Safety of Old Buildings

Lajos György Kopenetz 1  und Ferdinánd-Zsongor Gobesz 1
  • 1 Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Structural Mechanics, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


In case of old metal constructions, where the loadbearing structure dominates, material issues have a great influence on the behaviour of the construction both in terms of function and safety. Old metal constructions generally have a monumental nature, so preservation, restoration and rehabilitation works are inseparable from material issues. Due to this monumental nature, research into the material generally allows only minor damage, therefore these investigations require the use of special methods.

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  • [2] Kopenetz L.G.: Gondolatok statikusoknak. Editura Kriterion, Cluj-Napoca, 2006.


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