Numerical Evaluation of the Shaper Cutter with Cylindrical Rake Face

Márton Máté 1  and Dénes Hollanda 1
  • 1 Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Târgu-Mureş, Romania


This paper deals with the geometric built-up of a theoretically profile errorless shaper cutter. Its proposed rake face is a cylindrical surface for each tooth. The setting parameters of this are the axis inclination angle and the grinding wheel’s radius. The possible domain of the setting parameters is computed from geometrical restrictive conditions. The proposed numerical evaluation consists in the computing of the orthogonal rake angle variation, together with the deviation of the generating pro-file from the perfect involute. The obtained results allow the formulation of some conclusions regarding the influence of the cylinder radius and the axis inclination: the best rake angle distributions are obtained when using increased radius values, while profile deviation becomes minimal when using smaller radii and axis inclination angles.

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