A Novel Dynamic Method to Improve First-order Natural Frequency for Test Device

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It is important to improve the natural frequency of test device to improve measurement accuracy. First-order frequency is basic frequency of dynamic model, which generally is the highest vibration energy of natural frequency. Taking vector force test device (VFTD) as example, a novel dynamic design method for improving first-order natural frequency by increasing structure stiffness is proposed. In terms of six degree-of-freedom (DOF) of VFTD, dynamic model of VFTD is built through the Lagrange dynamic equation to obtain theoretical natural frequency and mode shapes. Experimental natural frequency obtained by the hammering method is compared with theoretical results to prove rationality of the Lagrange method. In order to improve the stiffness of VFTD, increase natural frequency and meet the requirement of high frequency test, by using the trial and error method combined with curve fitting (TECF), stiffness interval of meeting natural frequency requirement is obtained. Stiffness of VFTD is improved by adopting multiple supports based on the stiffness interval. Improved experimental natural frequency is obtained with the hammering method to show rationality of the dynamic design method. This method can be used in improvement of first-order natural frequency in test structure.

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