A Fast-Multi-Channel Sub-Millikelvin Precision Resistance Thermometer Readout Based on the Round-Robin Structure

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The fast response multipoint high-precision temperature measurement is often necessary in many dynamical measurement fields and industrial applications. However, limited by the existing electric circuit architecture, either the AC or DC bridges have the shortcoming that the rates or precisions degenerate markedly in the multi-channel scanning mode. To overcome this disadvantage, a round-robin structural low-cost ratiometric resistance thermometer readout based on several commercial 32-bit sigma-delta analogue-to-digital converters (Σ-Δ ADCs) was presented in this article. The experimental results show that the precision of this readout corresponds to 0.1 mK at 1 Hz when sampling four channel resistors simultaneously, while the precision and rate are not degenerating with the channel number increasing. In addition, the uncertainty of the readout is investigated in this article. It shows that the presented readout can achieve an uncertainty as low as 2.1 mK at 1 Hz (K = 2).

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