Application of Selected Methods and Approaches for Improvement of Processes and their Use in Practice in Companies of Wood Processing Industry in Slovakia

Ľubica Simanová 1  and Pavol Gejdoš 1
  • 1 Technical university in Zvolen


The aim of the paper is to point out the principles of process management and selected quality management tools, which are aimed at improving the processes of the wood processing industries of the Slovak Republic. The knowledge from these areas is based on the analysis of the theoretical origins from domestic and foreign sources and supported by the results of the research carried out in the first half of the year 2017. In the processing of the results, classical methods of research work were used such as analysis, synthesis, comparison, descriptive statistics, contingency tables, chi-quadrat test and graphic depiction. Based on the analysis of the research results, there was a slight dependence between the process optimization levels in the timber industry and other process improvement methods such as statistical process control methods and graphical analysis and problem solving tools.

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