Quality Study and Improvement of Logistic Processes on the Example of a Chosen Enterprise

Michał Molenda 1
  • 1 Silesian University of Technology,


This article presents the issues of quality research and improvement of logistics processes in the area of distribution of one of selected industrial enterprises. The case described concerns the producer of raw chemical materials, who acts as a supplier for industrial customers. The studied company, due to dynamic changes in product demand, very often outsources the distribution of raw materials to external transport companies. This solution results in limited supervision over commissioned processes, which may lead to increased probability of customer dissatisfaction. The article presents the results of the study of the quality of logistic processes implemented or commissioned in the examined enterprise. The assessment was based on the results of the customer satisfaction survey and the results of the analysis of received complaints regarding deliveries. Analysis of the causes of complaints allowed to identify the actions necessary to improve the quality of logistics processes. This article contains, among others, the criteria for the assessment of transport service providers and a set of recommendations to reduce the risks associated with logistics processes of deliveries.

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