Design of a Test Rig for the Examination of Mechanical Properties of Rolling Bearings

Rafał Jurecki 1 , Edward Pokropiński 2 , Dariusz Więckowski 2  and Łukasz Żołądek 2
  • 1 Kielce University of Technology
  • 2 Automotive Industry Institute


The paper presents a design basis adopted for the construction of a test facility for the rig testing of rolling bearings. One of the methods of inspection of the bearings is the testing of the bearings as components having already been mounted in a specific machine component unit and tested in the conditions of operation of the unit as a whole. This article presents preliminary engineering requirements and the design of a special test rig for the examination of rolling bearings without the necessity of mounting the bearings in a specific machine component unit. The rig testing is widely used in consideration of numerous good points of such a method. The simulation testing of bearings (on test rigs) consists in reproducing as accurately as possible the real conditions of operation of the bearings when mounted in the device for which they are intended. The rigs used for such tests are complicated and expensive, but the results of such tests are more “reliable” and more accurately represent the impact of various operational factors (loads) on the durability of the bearings under test.

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