Internet of Things in Marketing: Opportunities and Security Issues

Irakli Abashidze 1  and Marcin Dąbrowski 2
  • 1 Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi Chavchavadze 78/88, apt. 182; , Batumi , Georgia
  • 2 Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Organization and Management Institute of Production Engineering ul. Roosevelt 26-28, 41-800, , Zabrze, Poland


Internet of Things (IoT) affects different areas of human activities: everyday life of ordinary citizens, work style of marketing teams, factories and even entire cities. Large companies try to implement the technology in their marketing strategy that reshapes not only communication style and product promotion but consumers’ expectations, perceptions and requirements towards companies. IoT is expected to become a huge network that will encompass not only smart devices but significantly influence humans’ behavior, in this particular case - decision making style in different phases of purchase process. Therefore, the need for comprehensive scientific research is necessary. The issue needs to be reviewed from various points of view, such as opportunities, advantages, disadvantages, legal and technical considerations. The paper is an attempt to review different aspects of using Internet of Things for marketing purposes, identify some of the major problems and present possible ways of solution.

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