The Effect of Raw Components on the Densification and Properties of Nanostructured Sialon Materials / Izejas materiālu ietekme uz nanostrukturētu sialona materiālu saķepšanu un īpašībām

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Two sialon compositions (Y0,33Si10,5Al1,5O0,5N15,5 and Y0,5Si9,5Al2,5O1,0N15,0) were used to determine the effect of starting components on densification and properties of sialon materials. Plasma synthesized nanopowders (Si3N4, AlN, Al2O3, Y2O3 and 73 wt% Si3N4-27 wt%AlN nanocomposite) were used for the investigation. Materials were sintered using traditional or spark plasma sintering methods. Sintering temperature was reduced significantly, if Si3N4-AlN nanocomposite was used as one of the components. The increased amount of asialon phase and higher hardness were characteristic to materials obtained from individual Si3N4, AlN, Al2O3, Y2O3 components.

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