Infrared Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer as the Stand-Off Gas Detection System

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Infrared Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer as the Stand-Off Gas Detection System

The article presents the detection of gases using an infrared imaging Fourier-transform spectrometer (IFTS). The Telops company has developed the IFTS instrument HyperCam, which is offered as a short- or long-wave infrared device. The principle of HyperCam operation and methodology of gas detection has been shown in the paper, as well as theoretical evaluation of gas detection possibility. Calculations of the optical path between the IFTS device, cloud of gases and background have been also discussed. The variation of a signal reaching the IFTS caused by the presence of a gas has been calculated and compared with the reference signal obtained without the presence of a gas in IFTS's field of view. Verification of the theoretical result has been made by laboratory measurements. Some results of the detection of various types of gases has been also included in the paper.

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