Vortex Rings - Experiments and Numerical Simulations

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The present paper was concerned with the experimental study of the time evolution of a single laminar vortex ring generated at the interface between water and isopropyl alcohol. The experiment was performed by the submerged injection of isopropyl alcohol in a water tank of 100×100×150 mm. A constant rate of Q0 = 2 ml/min was maintained using a PHD Ultra 4400 Syringe Pump with a needle having the inner diameter D0 = 0.4 mm. The dynamics of the vortex formation was recorded with a Photron Fastcam SA1 camera at 1000 fps equipped with an Edmund Optics objective VZM1000i. The numerical simulations were performed on a 2D geometry using the ANSYS-FLUENT code with the Volume of Fluid multiphase model and the viscous-laminar solver. The numerical flow patterns were found to be in good agreement with the experimental visualizations

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