Relationship between Self-Esteem and Indulgence in Behavior Problems among Secondary School Students in Kenya

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The study investigated the relationship between students’ self-esteem and indulgence in behavior problems in Kenya. The Theory of Planned Behaviour by Ajzen, and Person Centered Theory by Carl Rogers were employed to guide the study. A concurrent triangulation design was adopted. The Self- Esteem Scale and indulgence in behavioral problems questionnaire were used to collect data for the study. Interview schedule were used to collect data from the students. A sample size of 378 was students drawn from girls, mixed and boys’ schools where boys to be used in the study will be 60% which is (270), and girls 40 % (155). Quantitative data was analyzed by using inferential statistics such as Pearson product moment correlation coefficient while qualitative data was analyzed by using the thematic framework. The findings indicated a plausible negative (r = -.564) correlation between students’ self-esteem and his/her indulgence in behaviour problems. Thus students with high level of self-esteem were associated with low level of indulgence in behaviour problems. The study recommended that, the parents also should identify the best parenting practices that promote students’ self-esteem so that at school level they will be fully adjusted to following learning instructions other than involving in behaviour problems.

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