Development of Parent-Educator Cooperation in Public Preschool Institutions: Case Study

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This study addresses the issue of cooperation between parents and educators in public preschool institutions in Kosovo. Cooperation is a process developed by both sides and the educator and parents should contribute consistently on it. The purpose of the study is to see how communication takes place between parents and preschool institutions and identification of the extent of involvement of parents in order to create a stable cooperation with the institution. Data were collected through questionnaires, distributed to parents who had their children enrolled in preschool institutions from the age of 5-6 years old. The participation of parents in the study was on voluntary bases. From the result analyses it was noticed that parents are more involved in activities requiring for their assistance and indirect help while the active participation of the family in all forms of work organization in preschool institutions is not very evident. The overall findings of this study encourage preschool institutions to develop a comprehensive plan for greater involvement of family in the work developed within the institution, and for parents as well to increase the level of interest in the work taking place in preschool institutions.

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