Simulation of Moving Loads in Elastic Multibody Systems With Parametric Model Reduction Techniques

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In elastic multibody systems, one considers large nonlinear rigid body motion and small elastic deformations. In a rising number of applications, e.g. automotive engineering, turning and milling processes, the position of acting forces on the elastic body varies. The necessary model order reduction to enable efficient simulations requires the determination of ansatz functions, which depend on the moving force position. For a large number of possible interaction points, the size of the reduced system would increase drastically in the classical Component Mode Synthesis framework. If many nodes are potentially loaded, or the contact area is not known a-priori and only a small number of nodes is loaded simultaneously, the system is described in this contribution with the parameter-dependent force position. This enables the application of parametric model order reduction methods. Here, two techniques based on matrix interpolation are described which transform individually reduced systems and allow the interpolation of the reduced system matrices to determine reduced systems for any force position. The online-offline decomposition and description of the force distribution onto the reduced elastic body are presented in this contribution. The proposed framework enables the simulation of elastic multibody systems with moving loads efficiently because it solely depends on the size of the reduced system. Results in frequency and time domain for the simulation of a thin-walled cylinder with a moving load illustrate the applicability of the proposed method.


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