Influence of Breed and Parity on Teat and Milking Characteristics in Dairy Cattle

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The aim of this study was to determine some morphological traits of the udder teat and their influence on the milk flow rate in three dairy cattle breeds (Brown Swiss, Holstein and Simmental). The average milking time and milk yield was 8.79±0.16 minutes and 9.40±0.28 kg, respectively. There was a finding that the breed of the dairy cows had no effect on the total milking time, with the Holstein cows having the highest milk yield (P<0.01). The average milk flow rate was 1.09±0.04 kg/minute and the Holstein cows had the highest milk flow rate (P<0.05). The cow parity didn’t affect the milk flow rate and the milk yield. The average teat length, average teat diameter and average teat volume varied among the cattle breeds and were highest in the Brown Swiss, and lowest in the Simmental cows. In conclusion, the milk flow rate varies among cattle breeds, and it was observed that dairy cows with high milk yields have higher milk flow rates.

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