Effect of the Administration of PGF2α Analogue to Extended Boar Semen on Sperm Motility, Morphology and Kinematic Parameters

Mihail Chervenkov 1 , Teodora Ivanova 2 , Paulina Taushanova 1 , Rossen Stefanov 1 , and Boyko Georgiev 1
  • 1 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction, 1113, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, 1113, Sofia, Bulgaria


The addition of prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) to boar semen prior to insemination improves the conception and farrowing rates in sows. It is accepted that this is due to increased myometrial contractility, which improves the spermatozoa movement. However, there are limited data about the effect of the exogenous PGF2α analogs on sperm motility parameters and morphology. The aim of the current study was to define if there are changes in motility, morphology and kinematic parameters of spermatozoa on 1st and 24th hour after addition of PGF2α analogue to extended boar semen. A total of 18 ejaculates, obtained from clinically healthy boars were diluted 1:3 in semen extender, and each of them was separate into four aliquots, 50 ml each. PGF2α was added to 3 of them in concentrations of 6, 12 and 25 μg/ml, and the fourth served as untreated control. The motility, kinematic parameters and morphology of spermatozoa were evaluated on 1st and 24th hours after addition of PGF2α. There was no significant difference in sperm morphology, total and progressive motility between the untreated and treated groups. There was however a significant decrease in the rapid velocity and some of the kinematic parameters (VCL, VSL and VAP) in the group treated with 25 μg/ml compared to the control at the 1st hour after PGF2α treatment, which (except for the rapid velocity) persisted to the 24th hour. The results indicate that addition of Oestrophan (Bioveta, CZ) to the extended boar semen did not improve the sperm motility, morphology and kinematic parameters of the spermatozoa.

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