Numerical 2D And 3D Simulations of a Spherical Fabry–Pérot Resonator for Application as a Reference Cavity for Laser Frequency Stabilisation

E. Nitiss 1 , K. Bluss 2 , and J. Alnis 3
  • 1 University of Latvia, Institute of Solid State Physics 8 Kengaraga Str., Riga, LV-1083, LATVIA
  • 2 Optek Ltd. 64 Rigas Av., Adazi, Adazi district, LV-2164, LATVIA
  • 3 University of Latvia, Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy 4 Skunu Str., Riga, LV-1586, LATVIA


We report on the results of a numerical study of deformations of a spherical Fabry-Pérot cavity that can be used for laser frequency stabilisation. It is demonstrated that for a precise simulation of the cavity deformations a 3D model has to be used instead of a simpler 2D model, which employs simulation on the symmetry plane of the cavity. To lower the sensitivity to environmental perturbations, it is suggested to use a material with a low density and a high Young’s modulus. We also show that the mechanical resonance frequencies of the cavity are mainly determined by the size of the cavity.

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