Determination of two-liquid mixture composition by assessing its dielectric parameters 2. modified measuring system for monitoring the dehydration process of bioethanol production

O. Vilitis 1 , P. Shipkovs 1 , D. Merkulovs 1 , A. Rucins 2 , K. Zihmane-Ritina 2 , and G. Bremers 2
  • 1 Institute of Physical Energetics, 21 Aizkraukles Str., Riga, LV-1006, LATVIA
  • 2 Research Institute of Agricultural Machinery 1 Institute Str., Ulbroka, Stopinu reg., LV-2130, LATVIA


In Part 2 of the work we describe a modified measuring system for precise monitoring of the dehydration process of bioethanol production. This is based on the earlier proposed system for measuring the concentration of solutions and two-liquid mixtures using devices with capacitive sensors (1-300pF), which provides a stable measuring resolution of ± 0.005 pF at measuring the capacitance of a sensor. In this part of our work we determine additional requirements that are to be imposed on the measuring system at monitoring the ethanol dehydration process and control of bioethanol production. The most important parameters of the developed measuring system are identified. An exemplary calculation is given for the thermocompensated calibration of measuring devices. The results of tests have shown a good performance of the developed measuring system.

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