Direct-Drive Synchronous Generators with Excitation from Strontium-Ferrite Magnets: Efficiency Improvement

A. Serebryakov 1 , N. Levin 1 , and A. Sokolov 1
  • 1 Riga Technical University 1 Kalku Str., Riga, LV-1658, LATVIA

Direct-Drive Synchronous Generators with Excitation from Strontium-Ferrite Magnets: Efficiency Improvement

The authors consider the possibility to raise the specific power of synchronous generators with excitation from inexpensive permanent magnets. For this purpose, it is proposed to use tooth-wise windings and permanent magnets based on inexpensive magneto-hard material, e.g. strontium-ferrite. The magnets are to be placed between the rotor teeth, the alternate polarity of which is facing the air-gap. This provides a simpler and cheaper technology of making such a generator and improves its reliability. The proposed rational bevelling of the stator teeth not only raises the specific power of the generator but also reduces the level of noise and vibrations, extends the longevity of the magnets and bearings as well as facilitates the starting torque of the electric machine, e.g. if it is employed as wind generator.

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