Self-Excitation of Low-Speed Inductor Generator

G. Diļev 1 , B. Ose-Zaļā 1 , and E. Jakobson 2
  • 1 Institute of Physical Energetics, 21 Aizkraukles Str., LV-1006, Riga, LATVIA
  • 2 Riga Technical University, 1 Kaļķu Str., LV-1050, Riga, LATVIA

Self-Excitation of Low-Speed Inductor Generator

The authors propose using the inductor generator with electromagnetic excitation in a wind-hydrogen independent power system for generation of the base load. They show that the remanent magnetic flux in such a generator is unable to create the electromotive force sufficient for its excitation from the cold start. This force and, therefore, power generation could be raised by introducing NdFeB permanent magnets in the slots of generator. Comparison of the conventional contactless generator and the generator with permanent magnets shows that the latter outperforms the former by such parameters as rotational speed range, efficiency and output, having at the same time smaller weight. The results of practical studies evidence that the inductor generator with a combined excitation system (electromagnetic excitation plus permanent magnets) can be a reliable power source in the independent wind-hydrogen systems.

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