O. Shiman 1 , V. Gerbreder 1 , E. Sledevsky 1  and A. Bulanov 1
  • 1 Innovative Microscopy Center, Daugavpils University, 1 Parades Str., Daugavpils, LV-5400, LATVIA


Research into the phase change transition (PCT) from amorphous to crystalline state in chalcogenide glass semiconductors is often more associated with large-scale samples. The authors present a micro-scale structural model of the Sb/Se thin films. They have also extended the investigations of photo- and thermo-stimulated inter-diffusion and PCT effects between two adjacent layers. The results show that the optical and electrical characteristics of such a film change simultaneously. It has been found that the electric conductivity of the films increases 3 times during a PCT process.

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