Principles of Creation and Reconstruction of Dot-Matrix Holograms

A. Bulanovs 1 , V. Gerbreders 1  and V. Paškevičs 1
  • 1 Department of Physics, Daugavpils University, 1 Parades Str., Daugavpils, LV-5400, LATVIA

Principles of Creation and Reconstruction of Dot-Matrix Holograms

A method for calculation of dot-matrix holograms is presented, whose distinction from other methods is simplicity of the formulas for the parameters of each pixel element in a hologram. At the Innovation Spectroscopy Center of DU a device for recording dot-matrix holograms has been designed, with a program using the pro-posed method for their calculation. Holograms 50x50 mm in size well corresponding to the initial graphic design were obtained.

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