Methodological Procedure for Evaluation and Valuation of Additional Services in Rail Freight Transport

  • 1 University of Žilina, , 010 26, Zilina
  • 2 Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College, International Transportation and Logistics Management Department, Qingdao, China


The pricing methodology is a system-based application that can provide a positive economic outcome for each operating activity that aims to increase a specific utility value or utility effect. Price calculation in transport is part of the general theory of pricing, while accepting specific business conditions in transport, or in its individual sectors, including rail transport. This paper describes a proposal of a suitable methodical procedure by means where it would be possible to effectively evaluate such additional services in rail freight transport that are provided beyond the carriers’ basic activities in Slovak Republic conditions. The new methodology for evaluating and pricing ancillary services must aim at creating more favourable economic conditions regarding pricing for carriers, flexibility in the provision of additional services and the ability to respond to customer requirements. The secondary objective of the new methodology is to promote environmentally friendly transport modes, which in continental transport means increasing the share of rail transport in the transport market. This benefit of the newly proposed methodology, i.e. greening transport in general is also one of the EU’s objectives.

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