The Mapping Maintenance of Belarusian Aerodromes

Nina Litvinka 1  and Nadzeya Kavalchyk 1
  • 1 Belarusian State University, Department of Geography and Geoinformatics, Minsk, Belarus


The article reads about a Belarusian aerodrome territories mapping maintenance scheme. It consists of exploitation, aeronautical, ecological, ornithological, meteorological and managerial blocks. According to the regional role in the republic’s air transport system, aerodromes are divided into four types: international airports, regional aerodromes, local aerodromes and decommissioned aerodromes. Characteristics of electronic terrain and obstacles data creation of Minsk-2 and Homiel aerodromes are considered. The authors proposed directions to improve the existing mapping products on the example of scheming an aerodrome aviation noise sanitary protection zone and the use of the ornithological GIS-model.

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