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Every year for several decades the Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE) published the Annual Issue in Sport Science Papers, where are published original research papers, written by sport specialists. The necessity to publish the Journal was determined by the fast time of information society of the 21th century with the need for narrow specialization and quick availability of information. Sports Science is an interdisciplinary branch of science that researches the regularities of a man's physical health, development, condition and sports achievements. In the Journal are published original research papers of sport integrated research in pedagogy, psychology, medicine, biology, biomechanics, sociology and economics.

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Juris Grants, Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Latvia

Deputy/ Managing Editor
Inta Bula-Biteniece, Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Latvia

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Andra Fernāte Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Latvia

Language Editors
Ieva Rudzinska, Iveta Boge Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Latvia

Technical Editors
Inta Bula-Biteniece, Janis Nicmanis Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Latvia


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