Morphogenetic diagnosis of developmental changes of Sea arrowgrass fruit (Triglochin maritima L.)

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The aim of the study was to investigate the morphogenesis of particular developmental stages of T. maritima fruits; from the stage of the bud to the ripe fruit with the use of a scanning electron microscope (SEM), to learn about the morphology and anatomy of ripe fruit, find new diagnostic features of the fruits and verify T. maritima. fruit diagnosis. An optic microscope and Met - Ilo 8 image analyzer were used in the research. In the final part of the research, the occurrence of two diagnostic features was confirmed and seven new diagnostic features of ripe T. maritima fruit were demonstrated. The morphological development of T. maritima fruits is characterized by significant qualitative and quantitative changes of diagnostic value. The range of the changes in the size of T. maritima generative structures is well characterized by the data obtained from the image analyzer. T. maritima fruit diagnosis: dry, indehiscent achene partly syncarpic.

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