Specifying the relationship between key stages of pike (Esox lucius L.) embryogenesis and coagulants used in lake recultivation

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The study focused on the effect of iron and aluminium coagulants (PIX®113, PAX®18) commonly used for purification of open waters on key stages of embryonic development of pike (Esox lucius L.). Fertilized pike roe was incubated in lake water and in water with the admixture of coagulants, applied in the concentration of 50.0 mg dm-3 at selected stages of embryogenesis: blastopore closure, inoculation, and the hatching of larvae. In the course of the experiment, live embryos were observed and total lengths of the larvae were measured. Simultaneously, selected hydrochemical indicators were gauged. It was discovered that coagulants had the strongest effect at the first stage of embryogenesis (the end of the process of gastrulation). At that stage the survival rate of embryos was the lowest (73.5- 75.0%) and the percentage of deformities in the hatched larvae was the highest (9.7-10.0%).

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