Bottom sediments as a potential source of phosphorus in the riverine-lacustrine system of the Kośna River (Northeastern Poland)

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Sediments from hypereutrophic Lake Łajskie localized in northeastern Poland were examined on the basis of P-fraction. The sediments were collected at five sampling sites. In the investigated lake, the rank order of P-fractions was HCl-P > BD-P > NH4Cl-P > NaOH - nrP. The loosely sorbed phosphorus NH4Cl-P represented < 3% of the sedimentary inorganic phosphorus, while the reductant phosphorus (BD-P) ranged from 2 to 10%. The calcium bound phosphorus (HCl-P) showed considerable contribution (59-74%) to the sedimentary inorganic P-loads. BDP was the most reactive fraction in Lake Łajskie. Iron compounds and organic matter seem to play a significant role in regulating this labile P-budget.

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