Cyanobacterial blooms in shallow lakes of the Iławskie Lake District

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Cyanobacterial blooms in shallow lakes of the Iławskie Lake District

The dominance of blue-green algae observed in many lakes is related to a high trophic level. Shallow eutrophic lakes are particularly often abundant in blue-green algae. The research on phytoplankton, the results of which are presented in this paper, was carried out between 2002 and 2005 in six lakes. These lakes differed considerably in their size and management methods applied in the catchment (drainage) area. A few types of water blooms were distinguished, which is related to the catchment area management, the intensity of mixing and the trophic level. Algal blooms of the Planktothrix type appeared in lakes situated in an open area of agricultural catchment basins. Algal blooms of the Limnothrix type were characteristic of lakes with a forest-agricultural catchment area but surrounded by high shores, which reduced the wind influence on the mixing. Sporadic mixed algal blooms were typical of lakes situated in forest catchment areas.

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