Studies of Electric Drive with Hydrostatic Support

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In this article, results of experimental studies concerning the relief of a city car electric drive by means of hydrostatic drive support are presented. Experimental studies were performed using a laboratory station built for this particular purpose. Studies of basic properties of elements of hydraulic system and resistances in the mechanical system were performed. The results of experimental studies of a chosen sub-assembly of hydrostatic drive (i.e. hydro-pneumatic battery) are given. The resistances within mechanical system (flywheel) were determined.

In the considered hybrid drive, electric drive is cyclically supported by hydrostatic drive during acceleration or regenerative braking of the vehicle. The results of experimental studies presented in this article were obtained on a designed and built laboratory station representing a model of a lightweight delivery van for city traffic and equipped with the studied hybrid drive. The obtained results suggest that there is a possibility considerably to increase the effectiveness of energy conversion in the electric drive of the vehicle by means of hydrostatic support. By applying the hydrostatic support in the electric drive, the load on the electric battery decreased, which positively influences the length of operation time.

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