Research Performance of Novel Design of Diesel Engine


Certain results of the comparative studies of the high-speed Diesel engine V-12 of the “W” series were presented in the article. The engine was modernised in regard of possibilities to achieve better performances at specific fuel consumption, smaller exhaust emission, smaller scavenge, lower noise and better thermal stability. The subject of this work is the piston cast of novel composite silumin. The development of novel composite silumin (aluminium-silicon alloy), which contains a little more Copper and Nickel, and the introduction of novel alloyed elements, such as Chromium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, increases the strength of the alloy and its thermal stability during successive heating and cooling. The pistons made of this alloy may have a little bigger outside diameter than the pistons made of PA-12 standard alloy, and a smaller clearance between the piston and cylinder liner. The pistons made of standard and novel alloy were mounted successively in the “W” engine. The full load and part load curves were determined. The lubrication oil consumption, fuel consumption, exhaust emission, blow-by and noise were determined too. The article presents the results of the above-mentioned research. The novel composite alloy enables further engine modernization because the engine should operate at higher pressure and temperature in the combustion chamber.

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