Strength Analysis of the Magnesium Alloy Control System Lever of the ILX-27 Unmanned Helicopter

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The article presents the potential use of magnesium alloys in the aerospace industry. In this project the static strength analysis of magnesium alloy AZ31 of the control – system lever of the ILX-27 unmanned helicopter was carried out. Control-system levers are located between the swash plate and an actuator. The aim of the tests was to confirm the strength properties of the magnesium alloy control-system lever for their implementation on the ILX-27 unmanned helicopter. Strain gauge sensor was used during the tests. Strain gauges installation on easily corrodes surface requires special method. The laboratory tests were proceeded by the lever static strength calculations in the computing environment ANSYS Inc. Additionally, a geometry measurement of the control-system lever at CMM equipped with a laser scanner head was made to compare with the lever CAD model to assess the quality and method of conformance. Unmanned helicopter ILX-27 is being developed through the introduction new materials and technologies. Tests of control system lever have shown if it is possible to use lighter materials than aluminum alloy to provide sufficient strength properties while reducing the mass of the object. Analysis of the available materials used in aerospace engineering allowed selecting the best of magnesium alloy.

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