Heteropolyacids like new anticorrosion pigment in organic paints

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This paper is focused on the heteropoly acids as another new possibility of dopant for conducting polymers which can be used as anticorrosive pigments for steel protection. The newly prepared pigments, silicotungstic and phosphotungstic heteropoly acids, were characterized by determination of oil number and density. The value of critical pigment volume concentration was determinated by these values. The pigment volume concentration was 0.5; 1; 3 and 5 % in epoxyester-resin witch was used as a binder. Organic coatings were applicated on steel panels which were tested by mechanical and corrosion tests. The main exam was exposition of testing sample in sulphur dioxide atmosphere. Another important exam was measuring the specific electrical conductivity and determination of corrosion loss. After 1584 hours, the samples were evaluated. Values of anticorrosion efficiency are increased for silicotungstic heteropoly acid pigment. But with long-term exposition, phosphotungstic heteropoly acid pigment has better and higher anticorrosion efficiency than the other sample.

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