Numerical Models for the Analysis of the Acoustic Wave Propagation


This paper presents some authors’ results regarding numerical modelling of the acoustic wave propagation, using the Ansys program. The acoustic wave propagation is studied under conditions of existence of acoustic absorbing panels. Different materials are taken into account (aluminium, foam, oak, polystyrene) for considered acoustic absorbing panels. Also, different dimensions and different cases for fixing the panels were considered. The acoustic wave propagation was studied in stationary conditions and in dynamic conditions at different values of sound frequencies. A comparative analysis is performed regarding the influence of different conditions upon acoustic wave propagation. Our studies presented in this paper are referring to the acoustic propagation in an open space, like on airports or around the acoustic sources placed in open space. The aim of this paper is to offer our experience in this field for a numerical analysis of the ways for sound level reduction. Also the facilities of the Ansys program for the solving of such problems are presented in a practical manner of use.

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