Hypertext Organization as a Model of Organization Improving the Flow of Knowledge

Agnieszka Szczygielska 1
  • 1 War Studies University, , Warsaw, Poland


The article refers to a non-classic model of an organization, which is a hypertext organization. The hypertext organization combines a highly hierarchical organizational structure with the flexibility of management solutions supporting the conversion of various types of knowledge. It is considered to be a one of the most adequate models for managing the organization of the 21st century. Thereby, it contains in its assumptions solutions corresponding to challenges of the knowledge age and management of knowledge workers. The hypertext organization is able to successfully meet difficult requirements of the modern market and needs of an evolving society of different generations. It is important to show that the hypertext organization, being able to switch between “contexts” of knowledge creation, enables an efficient response to changing internal and external knowledge requirements.

The article is a theoretical discourse, the aim of which is to outline a concise characterization of a new solution in the subject of organizational structures, present the essence of hypertext solutions and show chances and capabilities of knowledge management in such organizations, that finally allow a transformation of institutions in intelligent organizations. Special attention will be paid to strongly hierarchical organizations such as uniformed services, especially the armed forces.

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