Mitral regurgitation in Dachshund dogs without heart murmurs

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Introduction: Older small breed dogs are considered at risk for heart failure secondary to chronic mitral valve disease. However, few data are available on the onset of this disease in such dogs. This study was performed to determine if auscultation alone can be used to eliminate clinically relevant mitral valve regurgitation seen in echocardiography in Dachshund dogs. Material and Methods: Clinical and echocardiographic data were obtained from 107 dogs without heart murmurs. Results: The study revealed that 63.6% of the dogs had mitral regurgitation. Numbers increased with age and a larger percentage of male Dachshunds were affected than female Dachshunds. Mitral valve prolapse and thickening were mild, and the regurgitant area inextensive in most dogs. Conclusions: The study shows that mitral valve regurgitation is prevalent (63.6%) in Dachshunds without heart murmurs. Typical lesions often become apparent during echocardiographic examinations in dogs under 5 years of age.

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