Correlation between endoscopic and histopathological findings in dogs with chronic gastritis

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Introduction: Chronic gastritis is a common diagnosis in dogs with signs of chronic vomiting. However, there is no data concerning endoscopic and histopathological agreement in dogs with chronic gastritis. Thus, a question should be raised whether taking gastroduodenal biopsies in dogs with chronic gastritis is necessary or not. Consequently, the purpose of the study was to compare the endoscopic and histopathological agreement in dogs with chronic gastritis. Material and Methods: A total of 22 non-pregnant client-owned dogs with the signs of chronic gastritis were enrolled in this prospective study. Procedures including clinical examination, blood analysis, and diagnostic imaging were performed before anaesthesia. Biopsies obtained from gastroduodenal sites were histopathologically evaluated. A total of 110 gastroduodenal samples were examined. Results: Sixtyeight samples had abnormal histopathology and endoscopy while 11 showed normal histopathological and endoscopic evidence. Conclusion: The obtained data demonstrated that it is not necessary to take extra gastroduodenal biopsies in dogs with evidence of endoscopic gastroduodenitis. We also believe that further prospective studies, including cost and time effectiveness and more specific comparison between endoscopic appearance and histopathology, are necessary to make final recommendations regarding the need of using both procedures for definitive diagnosis.

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