Association Between Vitamin D Deficiencies in Sarcoidosis with Disease Activity, Course of Disease and Stages of Lung Involvements

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Background: Despite negative association between 25-hydroxy vitamin D and incidence of many chronic respiratory diseases, this feature was not well studied in sarcoidosis. Current study investigated the association between 25-hydroxy vitamin D deficiency with sarcoidosis chronicity, disease activity, extra-pulmonary skin manifestations, urine calcium level and pulmonary function status in Iranian sarcoidosis patients. Results of this study along with future studies, will supply more effective programs for sarcoidosis treatment.

Methods: Eighty sarcoidosis patients in two groups of insufficient serum level and sufficient serum level of 25-hydroxy vitamin D were studied. Course of sarcoidosis was defined as acute and chronic sarcoidosis. Pulmonary function test (PFT) was assessed by spirometry. Skin involvements were defined as biopsy proven skin sarcoidosis. 24-hour urine calcium level was used to specify the disease activity. Stages of lung involvements were obtained by CT-scan and chest X-ray. The statistical analyses were evaluated using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.

Results: A significant negative correlation was obtained between vitamin D deficiency in sarcoidosis patients and disease chronic course and stages two to four of lung involvements. Considering other parameters of the disease and vitamin D deficiency, no significant correlation was detected.

Conclusions: In conclusion, results of the current study implies in the role of vitamin 25(OH)D deficiencies in predicting the course of chronic sarcoidosis. Furthermore, it was concluded that vitamin 25(OH)D deficiency can direct pulmonary sarcoidosis toward stage 2–4 of lung involvements.

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