Impact of Coexposure to Aluminum and Ethanol on Phosphoesterases and Transaminases of Rat Cerebrum

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Impact of Coexposure to Aluminum and Ethanol on Phosphoesterases and Transaminases of Rat Cerebrum

Ubiquitous presence along with uncontrolled use of aluminum and increasing trends of ethanol consumption in India increased the chance of coexposure to aluminum and ethanol. Possibilities are there, that both of them follow common mechanisms to produce neurotoxicity. The phosphomonoesterases and glutamate transaminases are studied in rat brain cerebrum after combined exposure to aluminum and varied doses of ethanol for 4 weeks. Dose dependent decreases in growth have been observed. The impact of aluminum on cerebral acidic and alkaline phosphomonoesterases activities were shown to be altered in a dose dependent fashion by the coexposure to ethanol. Aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase of the cerebrum were responding differentially to aluminum exposure in the presence of different doses of ethanol exposure. It has been suggested that the ethanol-induced augmentation of impacts of aluminum on the cerebrum is dose dependent and there might be a critical level of ethanol exposure for the observed effect on cerebrum.

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