Evaluation of Platelet Activation Parameters as Quality Markers for the Stored Platelets

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Evaluation of Platelet Activation Parameters as Quality Markers for the Stored Platelets

In order to investigate the potential use of platelets activation parameters as routine quality control indicators during liquid storage, 27 PC-BC units were kept at 22 °C for up to 5 days. Routine parameters, including a platelet count, mean platelet volume and the parameters of activity: mean platelet component concentration, platelet component distribution width, mean platelet mass, platelet mass distribution width and number of platelet clumps were measured on the Bayer ADVIA 120 hematology analyzer. The platelet surface antigen CD62P was investigated using monoclonal antibodies on the flow cytometer Coulter-Epics XL and the platelet factor 4 and β-thromboglobuline, the main components of the α-granules, were also measured. The reduction in MPV, MPC, PCDW and MPM and the simultaneous increase in PF4, β-TG and CD62P expression reflected the PLT degranulation and activation. Minimizing cell damage during collection and storage is imperative for obtaining the PLT adequate in number and viability.

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