Selected Aircraft Throttle Controller With Support Of Fuzzy Expert Inference System

Józef Żurek 1 , Norbert Grzesik 2 ,  and Jakub Kurpas 3
  • 1 Air Force Institute of Technology in Warsaw
  • 2 Aviation Faculty, Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin
  • 3 First Officer in Enterair Airlines


The paper describes Zlin 143Lsi aircraft engine work parameters control support method – hourly fuel flow as a main factor under consideration. The method concerns project of aircraft throttle control support system with use of fuzzy logic (fuzzy inference). The primary purpose of the system is aircraft performance optimization, reducing flight cost at the same time and support proper aircraft engine maintenance. Matlab Software and Fuzzy Logic Toolbox were used in the project. Work of the system is presented with use of twenty test samples, five of them are presented graphically. In addition, system control surface, included in the paper, supports system all work range analysis.

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