The Attempt To Assess The Technical Condition Of A Gas Turbine Blade When Information On Its Operating Condition Is Limited

Józef Błachnio 1 , Jarosław Spychała 1 , Wojciech Pawlak 1 ,  and Dariusz Zasada 2
  • 1 Air Force Institute of Technology, Warsaw
  • 2 Military University of Technology, Warsaw


The paper discloses a non-invasive method of visual inspection based on processing of images taken for blade surfaces in the spectrum of visible light and then analyzed with the use of a computer-aided technology. The method of computer-aided analysis of images for blade surfaces is presented in details along with the obtained outcome, whilst the results from metallographic investigation of the blade superalloy are disclosed as well. The comparison is made between the results obtained from the analysis of images for blade surface and the results from the metallographic investigation of their structures. Finally, the relationship is established between parameters of digital images taken for surfaces of gas turbine blades in the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves and microstructural parameters of the turbine blade metal. The completed investigations and analyses reveal that troubleshooting of gas turbine blades, which employs digital processing of images taken for its surface, offers new opportunities to determine the condition of blades after a long-term impact of a working agent at high temperature.

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