Reliability, Safety and Exploitation of Technical Objets - Attributes to be out of Order of Modern Civilizations

Jerzy Lewitowicz 1 , Stefan Rutkowski 2 , Ryszard Tomaska 3  und Andrzej Żyluk 1
  • 1 Instytut Techniczny Wojsk Lotniczych
  • 2 MS DEFENDER s.c.


Civilization is a state of human society during a particular period of time, conditioned with the degree to which the humans are able to control the nature; the total of already collected material goods, means of production and exploitation, suitable skills (know-how), and social institutions. It is processes of exploitation of engineered objects and natural resources of the Earth that closely and directly relate the economy, safety (widely understood) and environmental protection. Nowadays, as the development of technology has become a hectic process, too little attention is paid to safety. People die. The above outlined considerations can be summarized in the form of the following conclusion: Exploitation is an area that covers the art of many and various activities. It is a philosophy that puts all the fields of knowledge together. Therefore, it should be considered a separate line of science.

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