Numerical Simulation of Fly-Ash Transport in Three Sands of Different Particle-Size Distributions Using Hydrus-1d

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Numerical Simulation of Fly-Ash Transport in Three Sands of Different Particle-Size Distributions Using Hydrus-1d

Study is focused on the numerical modeling of fly-ash transport in three sands, which was experimentally studied in the laboratory. Sands were packed in glass cylinders with diameter of 5.52 cm and height of 18 cm. Sands were also packed in plastic cylinders with diameter of 30 cm and height of 40 cm. The fly-ash and pulse infiltrations were applied on the top of all cylinders. Visually observed and gravimetrically evaluated fly-ash migration in small cylinders corresponded to fly-ash mobility in large columns detected using the SM400 Kappameter. The HYDRUS-1D code was used to simulate observed fly-ash transport. Parameters of soil hydraulic functions were either obtained using the Tempe cells and the RETC program or estimated using numerical inversion of transient water flow data measured in both types of columns using HYDRUS-1D. Parameters characterizing colloid transport in sands were then estimated from the final fly-ash distribution in sandy columns using attachment/detachment concept in HYDRUS-1D. Fly-ash mobility increased with increasing sand particle sizes, e.g. pore sizes. Particle sizes and pore water velocity influenced the attachment coefficient, which was calculated assuming filtration theory. The same longitudinal dispersivity, sticking efficiency and detachment coefficient sufficiently characterized fly-ash behavior in all sands.

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