A Case Study on the Role of the Finnish Defence Forces in the Transport Sector

Jouni Juntunen 1 , Mari Juntunen 1 , and Vesa Autere 2
  • 1 University of Oulu, Department of Marketing, Finland
  • 2 National Defence University, Department of Leadership and Military Pedagogy, Finland


The purpose of this research is to study the significance of buyers for the transport sector, and in this particular case, the role of the Finnish Defence Forces. The theoretical model is tested with survey data (N = 460) collected from Finnish transport operators that do business with the Finnish Defence Forces. The data is analysed using structural equation modelling. Analyses reveal that the military forces are an important actor in the transport sector in Finland. Firstly, the military forces buy a lot of logistics services and secondly, the military forces train a significant amount of what are considered skilful truck drivers. Furthermore, seeing as there are some elements of economic protectionism in the military forces’ buying behaviour, the military forces are an excellent context in which to study loyalty and partnership in business relationships. The military forces can, for instance, improve operator satisfaction with the transport sector and help domestic hauliers compete against cabotage operations, and in doing so, also improve the military forces’ capability to maintain security of supply.

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