The Relationship between Attachment, Stress and Academic Success in Albanian Students

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Stress is a serious obstacle for a good school performance. For this reason a considerable number of studies have been conducted. Meanwhile, attachment is considered as a basic borned biological system (Siegel, 2001). There is a correlation between stress and attachment according to the studies. When it comes to student academic success, the methods to measure it are varied. One of the most commonly used is the average. Likewise, even when the relationship between the average of results and stress was considered, a correlational relationship was found, between academic success and appeasement. These study researches, as will be discussed below, are carried out in different contexts. But results for this topic in the Albanian context do not yet exist. Therefore, the aims of this study are to shed light on a topic that is still unexplored in the Albanian context. It was extended to six public Albanian Universities, as follows: Tirana University, Aleksander Moisiu University Durres, University “Alkesander Xhuvani” Elbasan, University “Fan S.Noli” Korça, University “Ismail Qemali” Vlora, University “Luigj Gurakuqi” Shkodra.The number of students who underwent on this study, was 1502. The dispersed material was the questionnaire through which the students arithmetic average for the first semester of that academic year, the type of attachment (based on Attachment Style Questionnaire built by Feeney) and the level of stress (based in the Academic Stress Scale built by Rabani).

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