Text Line Segmentation with the Algorithm Based on the Oriented Anisotropic Gaussian Kernel

Darko Brodić 1  and Zoran N. Milivojević 2
  • 1 University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty Bor, V.J. 12, 19210 Bor, Serbia
  • 2 Technical College Niš, Aleksandra Medvedeva 20, 18000 Niš, Serbia

The paper presents the algorithm for text line segmentation based on the oriented anisotropic Gaussian kernel. Initially, the document image is split into connected components achieved by bounding boxes. These connected components are cleared from redundant fragments. Furthermore, the binary moments are applied to each of these connected components evaluating local text skewing. According to this information the orientation of the anisotropic Gaussian kernel is set. After the algorithm application the boundary growing areas around connected components are established. These areas are of major importance for the evaluation of text line segmentation. For testing purposes, the algorithm is evaluated under different text samples. Comparative analysis between algorithm with and without orientation based on the anisotropic Gaussian kernel is made. The results show the improvement in the domain of text line segmentation.

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