Single Phase PWM Rectifier in Traction Application

L'ubomír Grman 1 , Martin Hraškp 1 , Jozef Kuchta 1  und Jozef Buday 1
  • 1 Electrotechnical Research and Projecting Company, j.s.c., Trenčianska 19, SK-018 51 Nová Dubnica, Slovakia

Single Phase PWM Rectifier in Traction Application

This research has been motivated by industrial demand for single phase PWM rectifier in traction application. This paper presents an advanced control structure design for a single phase PWM rectifier. The PWM rectifier is controlled to consume nearly sinusoidal current with power factor nearing to unity. The control structure consists of a DC-link voltage controller and a current controller implemented by a proportional-resonant controller using a fast phase angle and frequency estimator. The estimation algorithm is derived from the weighted least-squares estimation method. The feasibility of the proposed control structure is confirmed by experimental tests performed on designed laboratory prototype.

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