Estimation of the Fundamental Frequency of the Speech Signal Compressed by G.723.1 Algorithm Applying PCC Interpolation

Zoran Milivojević 1  and Darko Brodić 2
  • 1 Technical College, Aleksandra Medvedeva 20, Niš, Serbia
  • 2 Technical Faculty Bor, University of Belgrade, Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Bor, Serbia

Estimation of the Fundamental Frequency of the Speech Signal Compressed by G.723.1 Algorithm Applying PCC Interpolation

In this paper the results of the estimation of the fundamental frequency of the speech signal modeled by the G.723.1 method are analyzed. The estimation of the fundamental frequency was performed by the Peaking-Peaks algorithm with the implemented Parametric Cubic Convolution (PCC) interpolation. The efficiency of PCC was tested for Keys, Greville and Greville two-parametric kernel. Depending on MSE a window that gives optimal results was chosen.

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