Epidermoid Cyst Of Posterior Cranial Fossa Associated With Congenital Dermal Sinus Tract – A Case Report And Review Of The Literature Drinking


Epidermoid cysts are benign lesions composed of ectodermal structures. They account for less than 2% of primary intracerebral tumors. They can be present at birth (congenital cysts), or can be acquired cysts (after surgery or trauma). Some cysts are asymptomatic but depending on their location, they may cause symptoms such as headache, vertigo, seizures, focal deficits, increased intracranial pressure. The major differential diagnosis of epidermoid cysts are dermoid cyst, any cystic neoplasm, craniopharyngioma, arachnoid cyst. A 39-year-old female patient with complaints of headache, vertigo, nausea and vomiting was admitted to the hospital. Radiological data suggested intracranial tumor in fossa posterior. Craniotomy was performed and the biopsy specimen demonstrated the mass lesion to be an epidermoid cyst of the intracranial dermal sinus tract. Intracranial cystic-appearing masses can be problematic for both radiologists and physicians. Important characteristics demonstrated by computed tomography scans and classical magnetic resonance imaging sequences are significant for the accurate diagnosis, but the imaging appearances of intracranial cystic lesions are sometimes nonspecific, and the diagnosis is usually established by histological examination.

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